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A Welcome to All    

Welcome to the Asura Dominion guild website!
If you are interested in being recruited, please read the sections below. Contact a guild recruiter in-game to be admitted into the guild, which in turn will open access to the rest of the site.

About the Guild    

Asura Dominion [AD] is a semi-casual and PvE/PvP guild
. This means that we are looking for players with all degrees of interests toward either the casual and hardcore environments, or who have both kinds of interest. For players expecting a challenge, we will have scheduled groups for explore mode dungeons and structured PvP, with certain expectations for those who wish to join these groups. For those who enjoy grouping, but want some leniency as well, we will at varying times form groups for normal mode dungeon runs and for WvW. Lastly, for those who wish for no expectations, we allow players to enjoy an uninterrupted solo experience with helpful guild members offering assistance if needed. Every type of player can take part in exciting guild activities--coming soon!
This guild is expected to have several peak hours, meaning you will find multiple people on no matter what time you play the game.

A Helpful System    

This guild has what we like to call "Helpful" ranks (these are represented in the guild by the
symbol). The Helpful is a volunteer rank that officers will assign to mark those that wish to be open to assisting a self-progressing guild member (represented by ) whenever they ask for it, either in guild chat or when whispered to directly. Assistance need not be given if a Helpful is in a far away zone from the player, or engaged in instance, WvW or sPvP. Players may change their own rank back to a non-volunteer type whenever they please, though an officer will always have to return them to Helpful status when desired. This is not to say Helpfuls themselves are not allowed to ask to be helped themselves or that non-volunteers cannot assist others--the system is simply to reward those who make themselves available to the guild.


Though full active character representation is preferred, it is not enforced. We allow two other types of representation: minimal character and part-time. Minimal character is self-explanatory. All guild services will be allowed to a member who only represents with some but not all active characters; however, highest member and officer ranks will not be given. Part-time representation is for players who choose to represent with a character only for certain occasions, such as dungeons or sPvP.
These players can find themselves in our dedicated scheduled guild groups--this is in fact part of the reason they are allowed a place in guild--as well as be granted access to our TeamSpeak server, but they will rarely be allowed promotions and be restricted from the services that come with those promotions. Our aim here is to create a place where players can feel like they can do what they want, with more opportunity given to those who dedicate themselves more to the guild.

Final Words    

With your help, this guild will become an active friendly community for players of every variety and from all time zones.
Whether you decide to join us or not, thanks for reading and we hope you continue to enjoy the game!

Profession Openings    
Additional Information    
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